Wednesday, March 18, 2020

surviving COVID-19 #1

I saw somewhere today that historians recommend writing down your experiences with the coronavirus every day. For posterity. I usually like to do things in a linear fashion which means I am behind in my record but I'm just jumping in. So much feels out of my control. Everything feels out of my control.

I went for a walk up by the high school this afternoon. Regis and Gus go up every day and I thought it would be a good way to get some structure into my day. Seriously, my ass is sore from sitting in the chair so much. You know that physics thing: a body at rest tends to stay at rest.

So, I thought I would go and look for signs of spring, of which there were precious few. I found a couple blades of green grass but those might have overwintered green. It was a pretty much monochromatic landscape. Brown. Gray. Not uplifting at all, but it did feel good to walk.

Everything is closed. Coffee shops, hairdressers, the dentist, bars, banks, restaurants. It feels like a ghost town. So strange to have nowhere to go and no place to be. I am continuing to work with my fitness client but I am prepared for that to end soon. I wonder if we could do virtual workouts. There are two confirmed cases in Nicollet County and two in Blue Earth County.

I sent a text to all the kids today and asked them to let us know how they are and to send pictures of the kids. They were heartwarming. I realize I am going to have to work at things for a while...finding good, being happy, staying active.

Breathe. Love. Breathe.

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