Thursday, March 12, 2020

Shirley Update

Mom's been a traveler this week. She went to Sioux Falls on Monday to see the surgeon, then went back on Tuesday to be cleared by the cardiac folks. All good.

This morning, the surgeon's office called and scheduled her surgery for Thursday, March 26. I'll go out to Canby on the 24th because we have to go to the hospital on the 25th so she can have a magseed placed. That's a new one.

Here's what a magseed is:The Magseed marker is a small radiation-free seed that is easily placed by the radiologist in soft tissue with no restrictions on implantation time. On the day of surgery, the patient can go directly to the operating room, without delaying the start of the procedure. The surgeon then uses the Sentimag platform to confidently localize the Magseed marker.

And here's what it looks like.

Looks huge in the first picture but it's actually very tiny.

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