Monday, March 09, 2020


I think it's in her DNA to be optimistic and to have a cheerful outlook. When times are tough, Mom always says, "This too shall pass," and says she remembers her own mother repeating that proverb when the struggle was real. Here you go, Mom.

If you're curious about the origins of this proverb, here's what Wikipedia has to say on the subject.
Cousin Deb and Larry drove out to Canby yesterday to take Mom to her surgery consult today in Sioux Falls. My brother, Pat, will meet them to be another set of ears and to ask questions. No doubt this will involve lunch at some fine dining establishment. Never miss an opportunity for a good meal, I always say. One of them will call me this evening to give me the low-down and I will pass it on via this blog asap. I only slept for three hours last night (full moon, time change, dog on the bed) so I can't say exactly when that will be.

 In my research, I found a lot of people have an equally optimistic outlook but with a little side of dark humor.

 Have a safe and uneventful trip today! Wish I could join you for lunch!


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