Tuesday, March 17, 2020

doing the social distance dance

Regis and I went out the other day and did some necessary errands. I noticed, at each place, that people automatically move away when you enter. As I got out of line at the court house, the four people waiting moved aside so I could walk between them. At the vet clinic, the fellow who came in after me, made a big circle and waited on the other side of the room. It's a little creepy.

I had a dream the other night that I would call my typical anxiety dream. Mankato had built a huge river walk downtown, three layers of wide concrete walkways with ramps and steps. There were lots of stands selling food and drink and souvenir t-shirts. My friend, Joanne, was with me and inexplicably, we were driving a bulldozer. Like Thelma and Louise. Sometimes we had trouble locating a ramp when we needed one so we would announce ourselves, people would scatter, and we'd drive the bulldozer down the steps.

We didn't drive off the top level into the river but we sure made a hell of a mess.

Not much new to report on Mom. We're anxiously watching news of the Covid-19 virus and hoping it won't prevent her surgery. Today, there are 4 cases in the county where her hospital is located.

Here's how serious it is in Minnesota. The St. Patrick's Day parade was cancelled and the Irish pub, Patrick's has to close at 5pm, at the governor's direction. Someone posted a meme on Facebook that said obviously Governor Walz has not heard of day drinking. Just a little pandemic humor.

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