Saturday, January 11, 2020


Maybe I am relaxing into this travel thing a little bit. I just packed one tiny bag. I haven't made a list. I didn't buy anything new. I'm not even fretting.

I made my own reservations and believe I did it right. Last time I traveled, I made a reservation for 2am instead of 2pm. It resulted in flying home first class on Delta instead of that cheap ass tour bus in a third world country airline so it wasn't the worst mistake. (Thanks, Larry Butler.) I know how to check in online and I know how to print my ticket. I'm taking the shuttle to the airport and I have all that ready, too.

I haven't felt the need to update my will or clean out the freezer because if you die before you make it home, people might judge your housekeeping.

I did post this somewhat pessimistic update on Facebook last night.
I’m sure some will view me as a complete rube, but the truth is, I am about to embark on a cross country trip that makes maybe my 6th or 7th, depending on whether you count Minneapolis to Cedar Rapids cross country. It’s nothing but that I like home. I don’t feel any compunction to leave and find unfamiliar spaces. I like my chair, my view, my pets, and my honey. Regis dreamed once that we dressed in lederhosen and visited It’s how we roll.
So, here I am, a total nervous wreck. Full of unreasonable fears. Tidal waves. Jelly fish. Marauders who will kill me and bury my bullet riddled corpse in the sand. Ah, well. It might be fine. I’m not optimistic.
I am very excited to see my friend, Betty. We've been friends since the late 70s when I moved to St. Peter. These are pictures from our early days...way before cell phone cameras.

So, here I go. Off to visit the land of sun and sea. Betty says we'll see sea turtles and maybe dolphins. I can't wait to eat fresh sea food. I'll be documenting my trip here so all is in order and I'll publish the link on Facebook.

See ya' later!

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