Sunday, June 24, 2018

sunday gardening

We have a small plot in the community garden this year. The garden had a rough start with snow until mid-April, high winds and 100 degrees in May, then weeks of torrential rain in June. Somehow we got most of it planted and we're doing a fair job of keeping down the weeds. Two or three small ones come on Sunday mornings to help with weeds and other chores, but I try not to make it torturous. I want them to remember it as fun. Today, Ella and Elliot counted the tomatoes and peppers that are developing. I'm not sure it's what a guy would call a bumper crop, but it's a crop.

In other news, Regis and I celebrated our 19th anniversary by going to Pet Expo to buy dog and cat food and cat litter, then stopping at Boulder Tap for lunch. We like their food a lot but I hate the televisions. When they ask where we would like to be seated, I always say away from the tvs. Haha. There is no such place.

My dinner plans for today included cooking on the grill. Doesn't look like that will happen as it is raining and thundering...again. Regis just told me the Rabbit Road is closed. Probably more roads to follow once the river gets so high. It's been the summer that wasn't. See paragraph #1 about our strange weather, then realize we have mosquitoes the size of small helicopters.

I think I need a short nap.

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