Thursday, September 07, 2017

ah, september

The shorter days in September serve to remind me of the things I usually do in the summer that I didn't do this year. Woody and I like to start the morning on the back porch, he in the window and me in the hammock chair with a cup of coffee. Not this summer.

We went to a furniture store yesterday and bought me a recliner. I have always loathed recliners because they are gigantic and ugly. I found one that is less gigantic and therefore not as ugly as some so it should be satisfactory. I may be able to rid myself of the low back and shoulder pain that has come from sitting awkwardly in a chair that allows me to slouch. I could have picked out a custom fabric but that seemed like too much trouble. The fabric on the chair I bought is called Brass and I like that. I always bought wine by the label and I guess I do the same with chairs.

Since last week, I have been true to my word and I'm spending at least an hour outside every day. Some days I do something productive like work in the yard and some days I just sit and watch the sun go down. I'm storing up Vitamin D for the long days of darkness.

We have a new tiny girl grand-daughter since I wrote last. She was under 6 pounds last time I held her. Her bitty legs didn't go to the bottom of her newborn sleeper. Such a miracle. We're still waiting on the other baby...the boy named Sullivan. I wish he would make his appearance because, well, because I worry. The doctor is hoping for one more week in the womb and I guess he knows best.

A not so busy day today. House picking up this morning and Arts Center this afternoon. Music in the park to look forward to this weekend.

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