Thursday, August 17, 2017

waking up

In the breach between sleep and awake, I wrote a great blog post with a catchy title. By the time I was fully awake, it had disappeared. So much for mental composition.

I'm using my laptop while I watch the news about possible nuclear war, the blundering fool in the white house, people in positions of power and authority who are doing things I swear my eight-year old grandsons would know better than to do, and the heartbreaking funeral for the young woman killed in Charlottesville. Someone said we should stop saying it's unbelievable because, really, by this point it is all very believable. Which is, itself, unbelievable.

On a happy note, Easton is pure joy. In the last few weeks, he has learned to laugh aloud, sit up by himself, eat Cheerios, and shake his head no. I've noticed that over time, his awareness has grown. He wants to know who's in the room. he pays attention to the pets, and he is not content to just sit passively on my lap. He's ready to go!

Wind today. Not my favorite weather event. Yesterday I was sitting at the picnic table with Easton when it started to rain. I checked the weather on my phone...and we're in a tornado warning. Tornadoes touched down ten miles north of us in several directions. What the hell. What happened to all those alerts and warnings that we're supposed to get? Tornadoes must have snuck up on the weather folks.

I'm on my way to the gym even though my shoulder is touchy. This session's workouts are really tough but I can tell I'm getting stronger. I haven't had joint pain in months and my flexibility and balance have improved. Money spent on Gunnar reaps great rewards. Maybe I'll enter one of those old lady weight lifting competitions. Ha!

Time to finish the coffee and get moving. See ya.

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