Tuesday, July 11, 2017

midsummer evening and promises to myself

It's hot and humid. The dog days of summer. Storms possible tonight right about bedtime which means the weather alert will be screaming and Regis will be watching for lightening. As hot as it is, I like to sit on the patio for a while every evening. It's good for my mental health to be outside...the Japanese call it forest bathing. You can look it up.

I've promised myself that starting in September, I will be outside for an hour every day no matter the weather. Through the winter. I doubt I will freeze or melt. I love walking in the fall but my enthusiasm wanes as it gets darker and colder. Kathryn and I made a pact so I'm optimistic.

The coneflowers have started blooming and they'll continue through early fall. I think I saw some white ones again. Also white phlox. And the false sunflowers that I thought had disappeared are back in full force. I love that about gardening. It's like magic.

Two months ago I promised myself that I would go to the gym three times every week. Gunnar wrote up weight programs for me to do on the days I am not training with him so I have some structure. There was only one week when I didn't make it three times and I was out of town for three days that week. Yay me.

I've used blogger by Google for ten years and mostly I love it. It's easy to use and I rarely have problems. This alignment thing it's doing right now makes me crazy so I have decided to ignore it. Like the dishes in the sink.


Phillistein said...

Hi Teresa, I love your writing. I was going to write a sentence starting with 'many people..' but realised that this would only distance what I say from with I wanted to say.

Anyway, you write as I would love to write. Such clarity and depth in the simplest sentence.

I wonder if this is how you write, or whether each sentence has been honed and polished like a haiku.

I have read a couple of your blogs and certainly identify with the feelings you express.

Isn't it weird that the creative souls who can write with so much depth are often afflicted with the feeling that the simplest of tasks is too much and feel dead inside, especially in the winter months.

I would encourage you to spend that hour outside each day. We are chemical creatures as well as creative spirits. Each aspect has to be respected and nourished.

I don't know if I will read this again, as I chanced upon your blog from a notification on my phone (Far Side). I don't usually use blogs. But you have brightened my day and given me the opportunity to reflect on my life and affinities we share.

Enjoy your day


Teresa Saum said...

Thanks for your very kind and encouraging words!