Thursday, January 19, 2017

some questions about life

I recently found the answer to why birds legs don't freeze off in the winter but I'm not going to reveal it here. I am not the science guy and you can wait to stumble upon the answer just like I did.

Why is Duck Dynasty on the Arts and Entertainment channel? I thought they had shows where the very proper John Houseman did the intro. Stories about dead kings and such, not grizzly old guys in camouflage. Of course, this could launch a whole raft of philosophical questions about television. Check out the listings for the Learning Channel sometime. Not much learning going on there, my friends.

Why do my medical symptoms start to disappear the day I call the doctor to make an appointment? When I tell the central office appointment scheduler that I suspect an eye infection, why does she want to know which eye? And you know I will answer that same question three more times before I actually see the doctor. I have to admit however, when I called to make the appointment, my doctor's name slipped my mind. Maybe they are trying to cement the actual thought into my brain so I am not wasting the doctor's time by scratching my head and thinking: joint pain? eye infection? bunions?

Why is it that when I spend all day cooking something, the idea of eating it is not very appealing? Is the mystery gone? Have I tasted enough that I'm not hungry? Is this a universal phenomenon?

When we watch television, why are all the commercials for erectile dysfunction, adult diapers, pharmaceutical solutions for insomnia and gas, and belts that expand when you sit down? Those belts, by the way, are worn by guys with scrawny legs wearing lime green bermuda shorts. It's offensive.

Why, oh why, would a woman nominated to an important cabinet post in our government cite the threat of grizzly bears as a reason to allow guns in schools? I am not making this up although you would certainly think so. Here it is. I have been in stressful interview situations and I have said some ridiculous things that I later regretted, believe me. But I have never said anything quite this bizarre.

Well, that's enough of my rambling mind this morning. I think I'll keep Woody company as he watches the first birds and squirrels come to the feeders this morning. I'll pour myself another cup of coffee. I'll get out my calendar and make a short list of things to do today.

Keep wondering, my friends.

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