Tuesday, January 10, 2017

snow helps

Yesterday it snowed for a short time in the afternoon. This morning, it's snowing again. Against the colorless background of this winter, I love the white. The radio is talking about ice pellets and varying amounts of snow. Sigh.

There is a tiny junco at the feeder trying to get through the snow to the cracked corn.

The neighbor's car alarm did not go off this morning. Regis, doing the kind and neighborly thing, offered to help the operator learn to use it. Me, doing the grouchy un-neighborly thing, only complained loudly and turned on the porch light every time I heard it. My disposition is not at its best in January.

I had softened my stance on Facebook, even reading some of the political news, but yesterday I got sucked into a conversation where I tried to comment on something obviously not in that person's world view. I have since gone back to my campaign of withdrawal. Delete, unfollow, unfriend. It's like a damn war.

Regis and the techno-obsessed sons are in a competition to see who spends the least on heating. They all have the Nest so they get monthly statements of heating hours. I have agreed to attempt to cope with lower daytime temperatures in the house by piling on clothes, as my part in the fight against climate change. Haha! It sounds ridiculous but it's true. I have taken to wearing a large, wool sweater over my flannel nightgown. It's quite a look.

We were getting our trash and recycling out, me still in my robe and slippers. I walked outside and asked Regis if he thought I was starting to look old and ugly. He wondered what had prompted that question. Well, I said, I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

I asked this very sweet husband if he would go out and sweep off the feeder so the tiny junco could get some seed. He said it would cost me a couple of degrees. So now it's a commodity.

I have a few tasks to accomplish today, in my state of advanced lethargy. I'm going to take the Christmas tree down, drag the stuff to the basement, make sausage and potato soup, and walk on the treadmill. Better get started.

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