Sunday, January 01, 2017

and so it begins

A new year.

We stayed up later than usual watching When Harry Met Sally. We feasted on strip steak, mashed potatoes, shrimp with Creole sauce, and Cuban bread. I might have been barely awake when midnight struck but I was in bed, reading my new Ian Rankin book.

I've been studying my maps of Scotland and Edinburgh to find the places Rebus visits in the books. I love the names: Firth of Forth, for example. I'm not sure what a firth is besides being some large body of water...maybe an inlet. I could look it up but so far, it's more interesting to wonder.

I'm sure the letter carrier (who rarely carries letters) was cursing me under her breath yesterday. All my Christmas presents came, and the pile of new books I ordered. We had a pile of packages on the front step that must have taken her three trips from the little truck. Stock pot is ready to go and I have been perusing the new soup cookbooks. Hungarian steak and mushroom will be my first go. Then French onion. We had the most delicious French onion soup at Number Four the other night for inspiration.

I haven't made any resolutions but I like this:
My Five New Year’s Revolutions BY PARKER J. PALMER

This is a video by my cousin, Nick Rhinehart. Nick is a musician and metal artist in Seattle. I haven't seen him since he was about four years old, but it's nice to have talented relatives. His sister is also an artist.

Here's Julie Fisco's work. Julie Fisco

And you are reading my body of work right here. The Blog.

Enough bragging. 

We'll spend a quiet day here on the Ponderosa. We're going to celebrate Ella's birthday at her house later this afternoon, then on with the new year. I have an appointment with Gunnar tomorrow. Time to leave cookies and lefse behind for a while.

Happy New Year, my friends.

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