Monday, December 26, 2016

you have no events scheduled today Mon Dec 26, 2016

Achieved my goal of complete inertia yesterday. I put on my leopard pajamas in the morning and I didn't get dressed all day. I didn't do one dish. I took out zero garbage bags. I did no exercise and I ate not one morsel of healthy food. Utter decadence and debauchery.

I'm doing better today. I have the sink full of dishes, the garbage has gone out, and I have a plan to go to the gym and the pool. When I come home, stoked up on that good exercise, I'll deal with the sweets that are languishing in the porch.

I've started the transition to 2017. I worked on an order for photo prints this morning. It's painstaking and confusing work. And so easy to be distracted. I have, for the most part, abandoned any hope of having pictures organized, like a lot of other things I have abandoned organization of: addresses, music, stuff. You just look for it when you need it. It's easier that way.

One thing that got my attention this morning was pictures of the sky. I have a few favorites for your morning perusal. Here's hoping you are still in your pajamas, drinking coffee, staring out the window. The sky is amazing.

Oh, the title of this post is from the message I got from Google this morning. I love it when that happens. You have no events scheduled for today. Here's to that, my friends.

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