Friday, December 23, 2016

the day before christmas

Ella is sleeping on the couch, I'm writing on my blog, and Regis is perusing the jail roster. Happy holidays.

I'll just say this about the jail roster. Not all, but some of those folks look like they could be identified before they even commit a crime. I suppose that sounds like what they do in third world banana republics but really, a symbol for the white supremacists on your t-shirt in your mug shot?

We had Zuppa Toscana and fresh bread for dinner last night before making fruitcake. We'll put the orange glaze on it this morning. Then we'll make the peanut butter cup dessert that is sure to please some members of the family, but not me. It has several ingredients I cannot abide: Cool Whip, instant pudding, box brownies. It sounds like chemical soup to me.

Our weather forecast for the next five days is ominous. It includes snow today, rain and freezing rain on Sunday, an accumulation of ice, and high winds. I will be in the cave.

I'm looking at the details for the Women's March Minnesota which is the OFFICIAL Women's March Minnesota event. On January 21st 2017 thousands of people will march in solidarity with those marching in Washington D.C. I wish I had the courage to go.

I have a few more holiday things to do today. When Ella wakes up, we'll venture out to do a few errands and maybe stop at the cafe for a pancake and hot chocolate. My friend Marie saved the day with sewing machine needles so we'll stop to pick those up. I bought material to make Gus some holiday bandanas and the time is here. It's now or never.

I am trying to think of a present for Regis that he hasn't bought himself in the last three weeks but I am coming up empty. Is this a man thing?

I think I hear Ella stirring so I better get dressed and get moving. There is much to do and a nap to be taken later.

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