Thursday, December 15, 2016

my december observations

  1. Going to stores this time of year can be a miserable experience. I went to Target yesterday and there was one cart left. I moved toward it at the same time another woman was approaching it from the other side. We locked eyes and it was like a scene from Gunfight at the OK Corral. I advanced, right hand out reaching for the cart. She did the same. I finally gave in and walked away.
  2. The mob scenes in grocery stores in November and December make me wonder if people eat the other ten months of the year. Seriously, they can hardly keep the shelves stocked and people are grabbing the Pillsbury pie crust like they'll never see another one.
  3. Gingerbread cookies and coffee are good for breakfast when it's 13 below zero. 
  4. Yarn on sale is like a drug. I bought three giant skeins of yarn which is enough to make leg warmers for a hundred people. 
  5. Even the squirrels are avoiding the cold and dark days. I haven't seen them since the snow and sub-zero temps hit. I put an extra chunk of suet in the feeder yesterday because we all need extra fat when it's this cold. See #3.
  6. Ever notice how some people seem to enjoy dropping emotional bombs on you? They walk away dusting off their hands and saying to themselves, "There." It's no surprise there are so many assholes in power around the world. They're everywhere.
  7. I almost got frostbite on my face yesterday carrying three 12-packs of Scott tissue to the car. We don't like to run out and it was on sale. See #2.
  8. There's something about the crowds and the loud music that makes me buy stuff I might never need. Carts are the work of the devil.
  9. Our dog needs seasonal scarves which means I have to get the sewing machine out to hem the pieces of Santa fabric I bought yesterday. I know. Really, I do.
  10. We sold our old snowblower (Thanks, Tiffany!) to a guy who also has a golden doodle named Gus. What are the chances.

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