Tuesday, December 20, 2016

long and winding road

The sky was beautiful yesterday morning as I went to the gym for my weekly workout with Gunnar. 

I took my friend, Joanne, to the Mayo Clinic for a procedure. She was having anesthesia so couldn't drive home although me driving in the blowing snow and dark could not have been much of an improvement. Haha! Regis said it earned me a plenary indulgence and got me a few years out of purgatory. Joanne insists she owes me but I said no, now God can cross off a couple of shitty things I did in 1978. We're good.

We only had a minor bumper bender at an icy intersection. No damage and no whiplash. That's my statistic.

I am on my way to HyVee for the last of the holiday groceries. Sigh. I looked at the ad this morning and realized I could buy all of this prepared: mashed potatoes in a plastic bag, gravy in a jar, frozen rolls, a turkey thing in a little aluminum tin, brownies in a box.

I have people coming over to help with cookies tonight so I better get the table cleaned off. No nap for me today. Boo.

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