Friday, December 02, 2016

lights moving in the dark

For a good part of the afternoon, I have been watching my neighbor dutifully drag ladders and tubs of holiday lights around his yard. He balances delicately on the top step of the ladder to string lights from treetop to fence post to shrubbery. It's almost dark now, at 4:40, so I have lost sight of him, but the strings of lights keep moving. I trust he is at the end of the string.

I took a short video of it from my front window before the UPS truck blocked my view, but in the way of electronics, I can only post it from my phone to Facebook. It doesn't seem to want to go anywhere else.

The weatherman said partly sunny today but I didn't see the sun. Not even once. Regis is on his way home from work and I know he will want to take the dog for a walk but I am resistant. Maybe if I just sit here in the chair, with my cup of just poured coffee and my keyboard clicking away, he won't notice.

I had a dream last night that I had developed an inactivity calendar. Each day, I would write something I didn't do. Did not go for a walk. Did not do the dishes. Did not do the laundry. I did a google search this morning, convinced that someone else must have had this idea previously. Nope. I think I could market this to the inert folks of the world.

I'm trying to send an email to a person about the photo club meeting that we tried to attend last night but couldn't because it wasn't where it should have been. The email came back with the message that in order to avoid a deluge of spam, this person requires that I fill out a form to prove I am not a robot. I failed the robot challenge three times before I did a Lewis Black.

Isn't there a better way?

We came home after this ill-fated trip to Mankato, made popcorn, and watched a comedy special with Michael Che. The end.

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