Saturday, December 31, 2016

last of 2016

 I'm not a fan of rehashing the old year or making promises for the new year but as I stood at the sink yesterday morning doing a few dishes, this spectacular sunrise appeared. There isn't time to dilly dally with the sunrise, so I traipsed into the yard in my robe and slippers to take the picture. By the time I got back in the house, the colors had changed.

Tiptoeing into an icy backyard at dawn is treacherous. It is an act of faith. Had I gone down, flopping like a fish out of water, it might have been a while before someone rescued me. Regis was in the shower and I prayed with every step that he would think to look for me should that be my fate.

I made it safely back to the house. I'm pretty sure there is a metaphor here but I'm not sure yet what it is. This is the third metaphor I have identified in two days so I am either daft or quite perceptive. Ha!

I had lunch with two friends yesterday, women about my age. We all said the holidays exhaust us and we vowed to do it differently in the future. I have said this before but this time my resolve is strong. If I publish a menu here that is longer than the buffet menu at the local restaurant, somebody please send the crisis team. It should not take a week to recover from a holiday.

Regis and I are planning a quiet New Year's Eve. It's been years since we were inclined to go out among the masses. I'm thawing New York strip steaks, I have shrimp with cocktail sauce and a few other treats, I'm going to make a baguette, and we plan to watch When Harry Met Sally. If we are awake at midnight, I'll be surprised.

We took Ella to Number Four for dinner last night to celebrate her 11th birthday. It's quite fancy and expensive. Regis took Alex to the Nicollet Cafe for lunch and Alex had two pancakes for $4.19. He asked if it was ok to spend that much. Haha! We joked that he is a cheaper date than his sister...her dad says champagne taste and a Kool-Aid budget.

We did our semi-annual programmers for the day gig at KMSU this week, too. It always involves breakfast at the end and this time, we went to the Nakato. Ella found the street art fascinating.

I took the other two to lunch one day this week. I had forgotten how much little kids like to talk about poop and puke. It is an endless source of enjoyment for them. Sigh. 

We woke up to wind again today which means I will refuse to leave the house and might spend some of the day in the lower level. Also known as the basement.

Well, see ya. Have a happy eve of the new year. Be safe.

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