Monday, December 12, 2016

first, a crabby rant...then santa

Regis and I were asked a few weeks ago if we would play Mr. and Mrs. Santa at a community event. At first, Regis said no, then he got busy and assembled his costume. Just a few days before the event, we were informed that we weren't traditional enough and asked if we would we be willing to change the costumes. Uh, no. Philly Dad said no. I thought it was rude and the whole thing left a bad taste and we didn't see how we could do it and maintain the cheerful countenance of the Santas. So, bullshit on that.

I do like Santa pictures. These are a couple of oldies. The one on the left is from 2012 and the one on the right is from the dedication of Highway 169, in 20009 or 20010. Not sure.

Peter took Zoey to see Santa this weekend. I have a picture of Peter with Santa when he was about four. Think I'll scan it. Scanning, there is a lost art. Haha!

Gus is so photogenic. Regis took this photo of him on one of their walks. He was voted best looking dog on Facebook by Dan Urlick who does the show Bike Rides on KMSU so he's practically a celebrity.

This is a spiderweb in our kitchen window. Regis rousted me out of bed this morning when it was still 7 degrees to see it covered with frost. It was more beautiful than this in the light from the back porch. Proof, once again, that it does not pay to clean too well.

I have a pile of recipes I am trying to work up the gumption to peruse. Not bake, just peruse. I have a yen to make gingerbread cookies this afternoon. I have had my nap, I have had my coffee, and there's no reason why I can't move my lazy self into the kitchen.

Betty called from Texas this morning to see how we were faring. I said winter hit us with a slam dunk. No gradual decline in temps this year, my friends. Just an almighty drop into the single digits accompanied by double digit snowfalls. It was just in time to rescue me from the depths of despair. I hate a winter with no snow, only gray skies, brown trees, and monochromatic landscape. Blah.

Betty told me she was going to learn how to access Facebook so she could keep up on our comings and goings. I said I have eliminated so much from FB because of all the things (and people) who irritate me that it is only a skimpy shadow of its former self. Haha. It's really quite therapeutic.

I turned the Christmas shopping list over to Regis this year. He has done a good job and packages are arriving daily. This is a skill he has kept well hidden from me over the years. Like cooking.

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