Tuesday, December 13, 2016

dusk and baking

I suffer with the lack of light. As the daylight gets shorter this time of year, I pull out strings of lights, candles, lamps, and anything I can find to add to my daily lumens. The time around dusk, 4 o'clock, is the worst.

Woodrow is not a fan either, as you can see. He has decided he likes to perch on top of the red cabinet by the door, amidst the Christmas decor. He is giving Regis the stink eye, of which he is a master, for taking his picture.

I like to go into the kitchen to bake about 3 o'clock. That way, dusk passes and I don't notice so much.  Wine did the same thing. Sigh. Yesterday, I made gingerbread cookies and chai tea cookies. That's my Grandma Elsie's rolling pin. I made some of the cookies round and put white frosting with colored sprinkles on them. I remember the Christmas before she died, finding her in the kitchen, packing up boxes of gingerbread cookies to send to friends and family in other states.

I'm making beer cheese soup today. Soup. Sticks to your bones on these cold days. The last few days we had beef and barley.

Betty, check this out in the Smithsonian: Feeling Down? Scientists Say Cooking and Baking Could Help You Feel Better It could explain our bursts of creativity in the winter. 
Cooking or baking has become a common cure for stress or feeling down, but there might actually be some science to why small creative tasks might make people feel better. According to a new study, a little creativity each day can go a long way towards happiness and satisfaction in the bustle of daily life.

Betty's Christmas House

The moon is full this morning but it's too cold to stand out there and take a picture so take my word for it. I see that tomorrow, we'll have another giant super moon. I read this in the most reliable of purveyors of science news, earthables.
On Wednesday, December 14, 2016, there will be a rare, giant super moon in the transitional sign of Gemini. It will illuminate the long, dark, almost winter nights, as well as create a cosmic shift in energy.

Anything rare that causes a shift in my energy, I'm all for. I am skeptical, though, as we seem to have these rare moons pretty frequently. Hey, this could be some of that fake news.

Stay warm today, my friends. I'm going to yoga and then finishing my grocery list for tomorrow. I need more baking supplies. 

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