Saturday, December 17, 2016

dark, cold, and windy

Our storm pretty much fizzled out which leaves me cheated like a lot of things in the current world. Woody and I have assumed the Saturday position. We are refusing to fully open our eyes and we are not moving from the light.

I've been awake since 4 o'clock and have, by myself, consumed a pot of coffee. The pot calls that ten cups but I call bullshit. That's like those wine servings the doctor used to ask about. Four ounces? When was the last time anyone drank a four-ounce serving of wine?

Mostly my wakefulness is due to my lack of concern regarding Christmas. I realized last night that it is next Saturday. Uh oh. 

I turned the shopping over to Regis so thankfully, that part is done, little of it that we do. But, nothing is wrapped. The two batches of cookies that I made last week have mostly been eaten for breakfast. I have opened the cards we have received but I haven't given much of a thought to sending one. I would say the major clues here are: over-consumption of caffeine, reliance on simple carbohydrates for energy, and resistance to movement beyond the leopard chair.

The news of the world is bleak, my friends.

I went outside to sweep off the bird feeders. In my slippers. Now my feet are freezing and my slippers are wet. Inauspicious beginning to the day.

I found the little snowman that clips over a light on the tree. Betty, I bought him at the Christmas shop in Madison Lake years ago. We loved that little shop.

A bright spot on a dark day. Santas on the tree and the lights that are on all the time. Woody has not been bothering the tree so I am not afraid to put the more fragile ornaments up. I realize this could backfire.

My  friend, Molly, made me this little bag decorated with an otter and a dragonfly, filled with handmade potpourri from trees in her yard, and stones that symbolize strength and  transformation. I hung it on the tree.

So, there you go. The news of the world is bleak but there are bright spots. 

I think I'll make some cookies today. I'll need breakfast tomorrow, after all.

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