Sunday, December 18, 2016

butt chilling cold with pictures


My dad used to say it was colder than a well digger's ass. I found a good explanation for the phrase on this blog:

Yesterday, I had plans. I wrote about them here and I am sorry (sort of) to report that most of them went unachieved. I know that isn't a word according to the squiggly line folks but it works here.

I went out and assisted with the snow clean up at 10 o'clock, after my morning nap. I talked to my mom on the phone. I took a bath and got dressed. That was the extent of my productivity.

I took another nap, I read my book (Commonwealth by Ann Patchett), I made a cheese and cracker plate for dinner. That's it.

I forgot I went to the Coop to get a few cookie baking supplies but I might have just skipped that because it didn't motivate me one iota. Ella has a mind to make fruitcake, a recipe she found in a cookbook. She texted me this recipe and I asked about a couple things at the luck...but I am determined to make it since she found the recipe.

We'll find that stuff at the HyVee. I'm sure I've seen those little tubs of candied fruit in toxic colors. Ella is too young to have heard the stories and jokes about fruitcake.

 This is what it's come to on this cold and dark December morning. Regis and I are sitting in our flannel pajamas and slippers, finding apps on the iPad to amuse Woodrow.

And in other technology news, Regis is having a conversation with his brother in Pennsylvania. Larry is telling Regis about something called Easy Pass that you stick on your windshield and it sucks money out of your account for tolls. He wondered what we called those in Minnesota. Wahaha. To my knowledge, which is not extensive, there is one toll road in the whole state.

I swear I am getting up to bake cookies today. I told Regis there will be a small offering made to the cookie gods (what we can eat) and the rest will be saved until Christmas Eve. Honest.

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