Thursday, December 29, 2016

brain muck

So, that photo order I was mucking around with the other day. I want to make a little album for each grandchild so I put together an order for about 100 pictures. I had some in a folder on my laptop and some in a folder on my big computer. Yeah. I thought I was smart because I found a coupon code for 60% off. Yeah, great deal. Then I apparently ordered the same pictures twice. Once to be delivered by mail and once to be picked up at Walgreen's. I didn't discover it until it was too late to cancel because they print those things at the speed of light. Crap.

I managed to order pictures from the wedding without similar calamity.

I am not particularly distressed by all the famous people who have died in 2016. Folks are acting like they should send the remaining famous people who are not dead yet to the cave to protect them from the Grim Reaper for the next three days. That shit doesn't stop, you know. People will continue to die in 2017.

My mom sent us a gift card for Christmas and we have been salivating about what to buy. I like to cook, we like to eat, so a new stockpot (in between the sizes I already have), a fancy soup ladle, two soup cookbooks, and a couple of soup mugs have been purchased. I figure it might motivate some cooking that doesn't involve sugar and butter.

I went through some old cookbooks last night and made a list of other recipes to try. My husband is not a fan of vegetables and I can sneak a parsnip into a soup once in a while but I have to be careful or he doesn't trust me. We talked on Christmas Eve about where people get their food aversions and everybody has them. Some have more than others. We have Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern who will eat a live, beating cobra heart on one end of that spectrum and my former husband who won't eat anything cooked on a grill touched by an onion on the other end. Diversity in the human population.

I went swimming twice this week and it was very nice to move around in a space that wasn't the kitchen. The sun came pouring through the southern facing windows and made me feel like I was in the tropics. Too bad I had to go out to a 30mph wind and subzero temps. Haha.

Most of my week consisted of extreme inertia. There were a couple days I barely moved, slept for hours, and consumed only cookies. It was bad. I think maybe when a holiday whacks you like that, it's time to do something differently. I'm not sure I want to spend a week shopping and cooking and cleaning prior to a holiday only to do it again after the holiday. This is my own doing, I realize. People offer to help and I say no, I'll handle it. ( Danger: control freak alert.)

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