Thursday, December 08, 2016

baking and shopping

I spent the day in the kitchen yesterday. I made homemade Amish bread, a beef roast for commercials, and a gingerbread cake. A good way to spend a cold and windy day.

A few quick observations before Regis comes home and we trot to Mankato to do some errands. I loathe shopping this time of year, you know that. I'd rather be baking and napping.

We have to do some drug store shopping because I am particular about a few of the products we use. Ugh. Coupons and digital sales and things I hate.

I want to buy some fake greens to put in my big flower pots. This entails a trip to MenRNerds. Ugh.

I spotted a coat at a thrift store the other day and I resisted but now it's calling my name. I will go right to it and if it's gone, that's the message.

We had a light coating of snow this morning. I'm not sure how it managed to stick to the ground with the gale force winds we have had.

I figured out my Christmas Eve menu yesterday then discovered it is almost exactly the same as the menu last year. Is that ok? Will I have a mystery diner who might critique my lack of variety?

I turned the shopping list (quite short) over the Regis. I was stymied by a list of things I could not identify without help from google. I am hopelessly out of it when it comes to current toys.

I figured out the phone/photo thing. I have a button that says LIVE and that means that the photo is turned into a tiny video. What the...

Some days I feel like I am turning into a crank. Say it isn't so.

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