Wednesday, December 07, 2016

a merit badge

If I were still a drinking person, I would have driven right to the bar at the end of yesterday. I had my oncology appointments (4 years) in the afternoon so I went early to Mankato to buy some groceries, do a few errands, and have a relaxing cup of coffee. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Every little thing that could get messed up and under a guy's skin, did.

Except the big thing, no sign of disease. That was wonderful and for that I am grateful. No sign of disease.

Blood numbers all back in line.

It took forever, or what seemed like forever. I didn't get impatient, even when they had to poke me multiple times to find a vein. I smiled. I was patient. For this, a merit badge.

I came home in the darkening of early dusk, the icy wind moving me quickly from car to cozy house. 

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