Thursday, December 01, 2016

34 degrees, wet, and windy

I'm tucked up in my chair, flannel head to toe, warm socks, blanket. Electric fireplace is sending out a nice glow and a bunch of BTUs. My coffee is hot and the tree lights are on. I can hear Regis rummaging around in the other room, getting ready for a walk. In the dark. I think I will pass. Actually, I don't think the wild horses have been invented that could drag me out there this morning.

Woodrow just made his first ascent of the Christmas tree. I think he was trying to make it to the windowsill because he made a turn halfway up and landed there. He doesn't like his world disturbed, I will say that, but we moved his favorite red chair yesterday and he has adjusted. He took a nap in it last night while we watched Star Trek.

I started a paragraph about things that irritate me this morning, but I deleted it. Here is my gratitude list instead.
  1. Great night's sleep. No scary dreams, no long periods of being awake, no sore hips.
  2. Bread baking. I tried an Amish bread recipe last night. Crust is a little tough but it makes great toast. Toast is my universal standard for goodness.
  3. My fake Christmas tree smells like real balsam. The magic of science.
  4. A date with a friend involving coffee and thrift stores. 
The picture at the top is one I took of Woodrow last night with my phone. Somehow, it turned into a little video. The magic of Apple, I suppose. The fire moves and Woody's eyes appear. It's creepy.

I still have a very low tolerance for all things controversial or unpleasant. A very low tolerance for bullshit of all kinds. That's all I will say about that.

I had Regis drag the tree out of the basement yesterday and I went to the store to buy some more lights because that's easier than trying to find and untangle the ones I bought last year. Eventually, I will find them and probably hang those on the tree, too. A guy can't have too many lights this time of year.

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