Sunday, November 13, 2016

staring at the moon

Regis and Gus went for a walk late in the afternoon yesterday. I can't remember what I was doing. Probably cleaning up after lefse making. Tiffany and Elliot came for a while and we watched the squirrels make madly off with a dozen peanuts in the shell. They are so comical. We should have quite the peanut crop next summer.

I woke up about 4 this morning. The moon was beautiful again...or still. I am going to remember that. The moon is beautiful no matter what kind of assholish things people say on Facebook.

Speaking of which, I am done with social media. I thought I could put myself on a diet and only look at it briefly and sporadically, but, I find myself either blurting bullshit or spending hours writing reasoned responses in my head, which of course would do nobody any good. Not healthy for me. Done again.

I made a list this morning of things I should do in my kitchen, like clean out drawers and cupboards. We'll see how that goes. It's good to dig around back there and find the cans of clams I bought in 2005 to make chowder, but never used. Haha!

I made my Suzy Snowflake costume the other night which resulted in a glitter explosion and a pile of stuff hot glued together which may not survive the car ride to downtown without self-destructing. I am beginning to regret this. There is a gathering of women on Saturday at the community center and I would much rather be there but I am committed to this goofy thing. 

The young girl who was lost on Friday was found alive yesterday. In chest deep water of the Minnesota River, clinging to a tree. She made it four miles in her pajamas, bare feet, in freezing weather, for two days and one night. If that isn't some kind of miracle, I don't know what is.

I am busy planning my Thanksgiving meal. This year, I'm going to a more open house kind of thing. Maybe serve the meal over a couple hours so if people have somewhere else to go they can do that comfortably. I'm also, first time ever, not cooking a whole turkey. I'm making a breast and a batch of Swedish meatballs. I hate dealing with that damn turkey carcass at the last minute before serving a big meal. I might even cook that damn breast the day before and throw it in the crock pot. It is, after all, more about the sides.

We went to Best Buy yesterday so Regis could pick up his Black Friday deal on a laptop. We hate that store because it's so loud and stimulating. If we have business there, we order online and go right to customer service to pick up the item. Well, I had heard about (and now I have forgotten exactly what they're called) virtual glasses. I ask the kind helper if he would show them to me, letting him know I only want to see them, I don't want to buy them.
Regis always says taking me into a place like that is like taking a cave man on an airplane. 

Damn it. Now this stupid thing won't line up on the left margin. 
The universe is conspiring against me. Again.

So, you strap these babies onto your head. You attach your phone to the back side. 
And you can watch movies in three dimensions. 
Prepare to have your mind blown.

I'm sure the guy was rolling his eyes. Like the time I sat in front of a video game console for ten minutes playing the test patterns. 
Dude, you have to turn it on, he said.

Now I have spent sufficient time in virtual reality.

Frankly, I think I've spent enough time in real reality.

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