Saturday, November 19, 2016

snowflake queen

I agreed to play the part of Suzy Snowflake for the community event today. All I will say about that is it seemed like a good idea at the time. It was 65 degrees that day and I had no clue the amount of glitter this would entail. Woodrow is captivated by my crown so it has required multiple repairs with the hot glue gun which means more glitter is spewed around the house. I was thinking that after this gig is done, I would pitch the crown in the nearest dust bin (that's what they call garbage cans in the UK...too many Rebus novels) but Regis is making noises about the amount of money I spend on costumery. Several ragged segues in this paragraph.

I'm not sure how to dress like a snowflake queen when it's 26 degrees and windy. All the google searches I did resulted in costumes that were fairly skimpy for a late November in Minnesota. I heard last year's Suzy Snowflake nearly had frostbit feet because she wore little white ballet flats with no socks. Not this chickadee. I have my smart wool socks and hiking boots ready.

Ella is coming over to assist with makeup and to accompany me to the event. The girl likes glitter and glitz.

I have been enjoying the flap this morning over Pence attending Hamilton, being booed loudly by the audience, and then being directly addressed by the actor. Mr. T. has demanded that they apologize. Apparently, they are not aware of artistic license and the idea that you can't legislate respect. And that is all I want to know about the news today, thank you very much.

I've made maple bacon apple crisp twice this weekend so that's enough of that, too. I think I'll try Parker House rolls tomorrow before I clean my oven. My friend, Gayle, used to say she cleaned her over every time we had a snow day from school. I said I cleaned my oven every time I gave birth.

I looked at Facebook this morning for details of the event I am attending. I didn't go into a state of apoplexy but I knew my limits.

My trees are full of fat squirrels this morning. They're waiting for the peanut drop but it ain't coming again today. I put about 30 peanuts out there and they were on them like white on rice. I know they aren't eating them because they scoot around the corner of the house and are back in 30 seconds. I'm sure the neighbors (not squirrel fans) are cussing me from behind their curtains. The squirrels, not the neighbors. Haha! They are fun to watch and I need a diversion. So sorry.

Well, off to layer up for my afternoon gig. I will report later and may even have a few photos.

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