Sunday, November 20, 2016

snow flake

There were some very precious moments yesterday. I had a little story about the duties of Miss Suzy Snowflake and the little ones enjoyed it. It was enough to bring you to tears when they came around the corner and saw Santa. But. Overall, that was about as cold as I have been in a long time. I was afraid to get off my throne because my feet were numb up to my ankles. I was worried that I would topple into the middle of the highway like a sparkly redwood going down. Timber, as they say.

On to Thanksgiving week. I have a few piddly chores to do today, then tomorrow the grocery buying and cooking can commence. We're trying to do the easier version of Thanksgiving this year, not the restaurant buffet version. But we'll see how that goes. I always get nervous in the end and continue my frenzied cooking past the point of sanity.

Gus is napping on the couch, Woodrow has gone somewhere to watch squirrels, and Regis is sipping his coffee and reading about political unrest on the interwebs. Time for me to get moving.

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