Saturday, November 12, 2016

peace on saturday morning

I'm sitting in the leopard chair, drinking Wake the Dead. I have on my old flannel nightgown that I got for a song at the thrift store. It's an Irish import and quite sturdy so I figure I just got someone else to break it in for me.

Jay Unger is on the Echo. I love Jay Unger and Molly Mason this time of year. Such sweet and nostalgic music.

Woodrow has been sitting in front of the window watching doves and squirrels come to the feeder as the sky starts to turn pink in the west.

I got up early and did a crapload of dishes. I hate it when we leave dirty dishes over night and I have to wake up to them in the morning but we do it all the time so I should probably either make an effort to do it differently or just get over it. Ah, the secret to a happy life.

We watched an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives last night on the Food Network. Usually we just salivate over the wonderful dishes and rarely go to the trouble to find and save recipes because I hoard enough recipes that I never intend to cook. Food porn, you know.

But this one was intriguing. Butternut squash and apple hash with cranberry ginger chutney. Here's the link.  I think I'll make this one.

My kitchen needs some attention before the holiday cooking commences. Oven cleaning, inventory of spices, clean the silverware drawer, that sort of thing.

The word commences always reminds me of the time I called Gopher One to report that I was going to dig in my yard, a small rock garden. They acted like I was going to dig a 20-foot deep trench from here to Kasota. They wanted to know where the nearest intersection was so the ambulance would have access. They wanted to know the kind of vehicle that would be hauling away the excavated dirt. They wanted to know when the digging would commence. I finally started laughing and had to apologize and hang up. Good grief. I think they must have gotten a lot of calls like mine because I don't see those "Call before you dig!" ads anymore.

Moving on into the weekend. Plans include a visit to the pet store for bird peanuts, a stop at the pharmacy, maybe some flatbread and lefse making this afternoon. Major lefse making will commence tomorrow.

Post Script: Avoiding Facebook has been very good for my mental health.

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