Monday, November 07, 2016

november light

It was a gorgeous November afternoon yesterday. Tiffany and I took the three kids (missed Zoey) to Minneopa State Park yesterday.

We drove through the bison area first. I didn't realize they would be so far in the distance. They could have been cardboard cut-outs for all I knew. Except that we did see some monster piles of what could only be poop from bison. For eight-year old boys, this is as good or better than the actual animals. I am only sorry I didn't get a picture of it.

There were signs all over to not get out of the car. I did scoot out once to get the camera out of the trunk. It would have to be a stealthy and quick bison to have noticed that.

Then we went to the falls area. I hadn't been there for a while and had forgotten about the steep walkways, the hundreds of steps, the nearness of the rushing water. I was very nervous and not very brave. I am also a rule follower so when the sign said no admittance, I turned around. Crowds of people were not so observant of rules.

The light through the trees and on the water was beautiful.

We had a good time, got some exercise, and stopped for a donut on the way home. Can't beat that for a Sunday.

Today, Monday the 7th of November, I am going to buy groceries in case martial law is declared after the election. Good grief. I'll say it again: I picked a hell of a time to quit drinking. Then I'll stop at Kohl's for my Suzy Snowflake costume and at the Thrift store for my election day pantsuit. You can't make this shit up, friends.

I hate daylight savings time. I don't know if it's ending or starting but I hate it. Why can't we just adjust to the light and dark as nature made it? I was asleep by 9 last night and awake by 4. I hate it.

There you go. All the news that's fit to print. See you in the bunker.

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