Monday, November 21, 2016


I am just passing this along. Chris, on the right, published this on Facebook a year ago, asking for folks to send cards to his brother Joe, on the left. Here is what Chris said:
My brother Joe asked today, "Do you think people will send me cards again this year?" I told him I thought they would. He said, "I'm never happier than I am when I get them." For those who don't know, my brother Joe is schizophrenic, and is pretty much a shut-in. He is also a consistent inspiration for my work. I ask folks if they have the time, desire and means to send Joe a holiday card. He loves to read your messages, see where the cards come from. He keeps them and enjoys them all year. It brings him a lot of happiness. Thanks for your consideration. - Chris Mars
Joe Mars
c/o Chris Mars Publishing
P.O. Box 24631
Minneapolis, MN 55424 
Pass it along! If you know a church group or a school class who need a kindness project this year, ask them to send cards to Joe.

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