Thursday, November 17, 2016

down the road I go, fearing nothing

I suppose one day I will be tired of writing maudlin stuff and hiding out in my house. That day is not today. Regis and I are both boycotting Facebook and he is considering deleting his account, but once in a while something sneaks into our conversation and it's off the races. People say we must be kind, we must pray, we must find a way to go on. Let me know when you find the way to go on, friends. Not me. Not today.

I can count on one hand the times I have left the house since election day. The troubling thing is that it doesn't even bother me. I am content here.

Tonight, we're going to the Third Thursday potluck. Nice people. I am looking forward to it. I have a recipe for a maple bacon apple crisp that I am going to make. All the delicious flavors of fall.

We went to Schmidt's yesterday. Now there's a place that is a feast for the senses.

I've been working on cleaning up some messy areas in my house. The problem is that I can clean up a shelf or a drawer, but what do I do with the stuff that's left after I put the good stuff back? My MO is to pack it into boxes and drag it to the basement. Not a good long-term plan, I know. I like to watch American Pickers...I know what hoarders look like.

I started a mindfulness course online yesterday. I was supposed to do a guided thirty-minute body scan but it was too boring and I had to quit after 12 minutes. I'm going to try again today. I like the yoga dvd I have been doing and there is some meditation in that. Sigh. I watched a video by Jon Kabat Zinn and he says if meditation is something you feel you have to do, you shouldn't do it. It's more a way of being than a way of doing. Being instead of doing. Finally an activity I can get behind.

I was going to make coffee yesterday afternoon and Regis hollered stop. Stop! He went to the front step and picked up a box the letter carrier (who rarely carries actual letters) had just dropped off there. He had gotten us another five pound box of Wake the Dead, our favorite seasonal coffee from Just. What a nice surprise.

I have opened my blog up to comments again and will leave it that way until somebody pisses me off again.

Regis and I have been frantically searching the house for a folder containing three birth certificates and the title to the car. The birth certificates are for the folks born in where they apparently have one person whose job it is to issue duplicates. It takes a long, long time. Young Regis needs his to get some kind of transit license so the search commences. We have looked through every possible location where said documents might be residing with no luck. Hoarders don't have this problem, I'm sure. They don't recognize any possibility of finding something like that. Sigh.

Today, I am venturing out of the house of my own accord. Wish me luck.

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