Thursday, November 10, 2016

birds and social media

I got up this morning in a better frame of mind. At least I took a shower, got dressed before noon, did three day's worth of dishes, and cleaned the litter box. Yesterday, it was every man, and cat, for himself.

This morning, I sat in the chair watching the birds. A flock of blue jays, five of them, have been actively feeding and squawking for a few days. I think several of them are young as the bigger ones are stuffing them full of peanuts and corn. They're loud and raucous but I like them. I also had three cardinals, two males and a female. We often have a family come to the feeder all winter.

I've decided to back away from social media for a while. Maybe just for today. Maybe everything but Pantsuit Nation. I can't seem to help myself from blurting out "bullshit" when I see it. I shared a post with my mom and some nitwit took it upon herself to argue with me. I was not looking for an argument, so I called bullshit, which I think was richly deserved. The problem is that it makes my blood pressure spike and the top of my head feel like it's going to blow off. This is not a pleasant sensation.

I made it through election night without drinking which was a major accomplishment. Hell, even Stephen Colbert had a glass of whiskey at the end of his show. I had to put on a flannel nightgown and get in bed at 8:30 to avoid temptation but it worked. I can't do that every night.

I made a list for Regis of everyone I am pissed at and recited it. It helped for a minute but not for long. Sigh.

Another beautiful but strange fall day. I don't remember a November when you could wear a t-shirt outside. There have probably been some, I just can't remember.

We're meeting a friend for lunch at a new restaurant in town. We always have some laughs together so we'll keep the election talk to a minimum. I wonder if this clenching in the pit of my stomach every time I think about it will go away soon.

I think I'm going to adopt the action plan of Woodrow. WWWD. What would Woody do? It's not like he is apathetic. He cares passionately about some things, like getting tuna with his lunch, being scratched under his chin at 4am, and going on the porch in the morning to watch the squirrels and birds. Beyond that, he maintains a pretty chill demeanor. I have much to learn from my cat.

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