Wednesday, November 09, 2016

a walk of good signs


I dragged my sorry ass out of bed about noon and went for a walk. I felt like sitting down every time I passed a place to sit down but I forged ahead, finally making it to a bench on Minnesota Avenue. My hair-do friend, Mary, came and sat for a while. I kept going and made it to the coop. I found beautiful yellow ginko leaves behind the laundromat. They had my favorite dark chocolate and caramel cookies and Ethiopian coffee at the coop. I found a book in their free library. Some folks I knew were looking for a table in the sunshine so I shared my table. We traded dog stories (and pictures) and a few laughs. As I was leaving, my friend Susie came by on her bike and gave me a hug. We talked about meeting for coffee one day. 

I am feeling a bit more balanced this afternoon but I'm still not ready to do the dishes.

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