Friday, June 10, 2016


I had my six month oncology appointments yesterday. I had a blood draw at 7:30, saw my research nurse at 9 and the doc at 9:20. He forgot to send the order for Zometa so I waited three hours until he could order it and the pharmacy staff could get back from lunch. What might surprise you is that I didn't even come close to losing my mind. I was a very patient patient.

One of the numbers on my blood panel was slightly elevated so I have to have a CT scan. I only deal with generalities regarding medical crap so don't ask about details. I pay a boatload of money to my oncologist so he can pay attention to the details. We decided to do it in Waseca because I could in today and maybe get the results this afternoon. No urgency about it...I didn't feel like waiting until July to have it done in Mankato.

So, while I always have a small kernel of dread in the pit of my stomach when it comes to these things, I try to balance that by reminding myself that the answer is already written down somewhere out there in the universe and I don't want to waste time on worry. I did have the gray faced men marching around the bed for a time during the dark hours before dawn, but they vanished with the sun.

Gus went for an early walk with Regis, Woody had some tuna with his breakfast, and we had a lovely drive through the countryside. Life is good.

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