Wednesday, May 11, 2016

sleepless in st. peter

It's 3:30 am and I have been awake since 12:30. I have to be awake by 6 to head to Mankato with Regis. So ends a restless night of sleep. Maybe I have to consider resetting my internal clock again.

I finished one book, I Hate to Leave This Beautiful Place by Howard Norman, and started another by Annie Dillard. Reading will usually do the trick. Not tonight.

Insomnia. I hate it.

I finally got up to look at pictures, my interest being piqued by my digital photography class last night. Regis had tried to teach about the camera for years but I was only ever interested in the automatic settings. Now, I am being forced (by choice) to learn about F-stop and aperture and ISO. The teacher is very good but he talks fast and moves fast so it is some work to keep up with him.

These are the photos I was thinking about when I finally decided to get out of bed.

I took these last fall right about dusk. The sky was beautiful but not this beautiful and vibrant. When I saw the photos, there were things I had not seen with my naked eye. I asked the instructor why that was and he wasn't sure. He said most often, it is the other way. You see things with your eyes that the camera doesn't see...because our eyes are binocular and the camera is not. Hmmm.

Woody decided to get out of bed and keep me company. He loves the early morning hours and is currently perched right in front of my keyboard.

I was having lunch with a friend today when I got a call from the local hospital. I had applied for a very part-time job there as the weekend receptionist in the Physical Therapy Department. With their collaboration with OFC in Mankato, they are doing more him and knee replacements and consequently do more weekend therapy. The job would entail some light office stuff and chatting with patients. Yup, I could do that. My employment history has been interesting since I retired.

I just had a happy surprise. As I was thinking through my day, I thought I had things to do at 8 am, 10:15 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm. Turns out I was mistaken...nothing after the 10:15. Yippee! Here's to slothitude this afternoon!

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