Monday, March 07, 2016

Google Wallet: My review

Regis and I both have Google Wallet cards and have recommended it to friends and even people who see us use it in stores. You can easily transfer money from a bank account to your Google Wallet card and it becomes a debit card. Money has always transferred almost instantly. Until now. Last Tuesday, Regis put $700 on my card. I tried to use it several times over the next few days only to have it declined. We have been on the phone with customer service. I was told I would have the money by Friday at 2. Nope. We have been given several reasons for this...most of them blaming someone else. This afternoon, I still do not have that money. Back in the 80s, it only took three days for a paper check to clear. This is ridiculous. Oh, the solution is to draw the funds from my bank's debit card, earning Google 3% which on $700 is $21. We do this every month so that's $252 dollars a year. Not going to do that, Google.

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