Saturday, January 02, 2016

Christmas 2015

As always, the fall and holiday season went by way too fast and hurried. I always resolve to slow it down but I never seem to get that accomplished. Ah, well. Yesterday I posted a photo collage of 2015, some of my favorite moments. Today I am sharing some of my favorite photos from the Christmas season with a couple comments. Nothing lengthy yet.

Regis and I exchanged Christmas gifts this year. We don't usually so it was fun. He gave me this Kermit the Frog puppet. He ordered one and two came. Amazon said to keep them both. Oh, good. Now my right hand Kermit can talk to the left hand Kermit!

My old friends, Doug and Penny Beed, were in Oxford, Mississippi when they spotted these socks and knew right there they had to be for me. I can't imagine why. Weirdo turned out to be one of my favorite words from December. I invited a few weirdo friends over for New Year's Eve and they were all quite proud to claim the title.

We went to see Hank and Rita three times since it opened in July. We loved it. The last time we went was Christmas night at the Mankato Brewery. Regis took this photo from his seat in the balcony.

This was my other Christmas gift from Regis, a dragonfly lamp I had been admiring. I posted a picture of it on the Facebook page called Minnesota Dragonflies and the woman who maintains that page told me it was designed after the earliest original award winning lamp by Clara Driscoll in 1899. Who knew.

Bob and Emily gave us this adorable mug filled with carnations and evergreens. I love Charlie Brown things, too. Let's see...Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Kermit the Frog, the Grinch, Calvin and Hobbes. Seems like a part of me still lives in my childhood.

Tim and Gail had a wine and cheese party on the 19th. Very low key, no presents, good food, and good friends. What could be better?

Regis and I had several nice meals out and about over the holidays. Here he is at El Agave, drinking a Dos Equis Dark, sitting in front of the Stay Thirsty My Friends bench. Ha!

Here's our annual group photo. The kitchen is a disaster but we had a wonderful time.

So there it is. The Christmas season of 2015. A blur, a hurried bunch of chaos, but always filled with love, good humor, great food, family, and friends. Here's to 2016!

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