Saturday, December 12, 2015

christmas past

I went through some old files of Christmas pictures this morning and put a few of them in a Picassa album. It made me nostalgic. Our little ones are growing up so fast. Ella is so grown-up...she likes to sit at the table with the adults instead of playing with the kids. Sigh. It makes me feel old.

I lost my job this week when Lone Star closed suddenly due to a major meltdown in the kitchen staff. Not sure what that means but I can guess. I feel sad for Tom and Mary and for the people who depended on their wages to live. Not so with was fun money.

Regis got me one of the DNA tests from I did it yesterday and sent it in. It will be interesting to see what it reveals although cynical me says they could say anything and how would I know.

These are the darkest days of the year. I am not fond of all the darkness and I crave light.

I have lights on the tree, an electric candlabra, lights in jars, candles, lights everywhere. I sit in front of a sun lamp every morning. Sigh. Soon the days will start to lengthen.

We're going to a comedy show tonight. That should help lighten the mood!

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