Saturday, November 28, 2015

he looks like I feel

Woody looked a little worn out after all the guests left yesterday.

We had a very busy Thanksgiving weekend. Actually, it started about two weeks ago with my typical over-booking of social events all of which involved much cleaning, cooking, and stashing big piles of stuff in odd places. I will never find it all again.

My sink is full of dirty dishes and the refrigerator is full of food that needs to be dealt with in some way. We had left-overs last night (yeah, that waffle thing was only moderately successful) but that might be enough turkey for a while. I'm subbing for two days this week so I can take it for lunch. The rest might go into soup.

The two tables in the kitchen are both full of clean dishes that have to go back into the cupboards and closets.


I think I learn this lesson every year. I overdo it for Thanksgiving, then take it easier for Christmas. I am going to start by not scheduling so much. No to the Nutcracker. No to Small Business Saturday. No to the art opening. No to this and that.

On a sweeter and gentler note, my mom was here for the weekend. She came on Wednesday and stayed until Friday. It was wonderful to celebrate Thanksgiving with her again after many years. Thanks for coming, Mom.

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