Saturday, October 03, 2015

my list of things to do today


  1. Clean out refrigerator- Done
  2. Do the dishes- Done
  3. Clean off the table- Done
  4. Tidy up the house- quickly- Done
  1. Dig up canna bulbs- Done
  2. Water the new grass- Done
  3. Mow boulevard- Not done
  4. Plant hostas- Done
  5. Plant tulips and daffodils- Done
  6. Put away some of the patio chairs and cushions- Done
  7. Put out suet feeders for woodpeckers- Done
  8. Make a pile of garden waste in the red truck: tomato plants, canna stalks, milkweed- Done
  9. Go to the compost pile- Done
  1. Halloween decorations- Done
  2. Do two lessons for online courses- Not done
  3. Make my finger labyrinths- Not done
  4. Make tomato pie- Not done
To finish on Sunday
  1. All the things above that didn't get finished- Mostly done
  2. Pick up Zoey's doll- Will be done!
  3. Birthday party at 5:15
  1. Grocery shopping
  2. Flu shots
  3. Dog diapers
  4. Coffee at 10:00
  5. Score papers

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