Sunday, October 25, 2015

catching up in prose and photos

I love fall. I love everything about fall...the leaves, the color of the sky, sweaters and boots, pumpkin, nutmeg, squash. It just goes too darn fast. I'm going to catch up fast with pictures and some words. Some of this is a repeat, I am sure.

This fall, I...

Went to the farmer's market for pumpkins and squash. I baked a carnival squash and a butternut squash one day and took it when we had dinner with Tom and Betty.

Made pumpkin muffins. I took them to Kim at Benedictine where she is visiting her dad. So good to reconnect with her after all these years.

Had lunch with an old friend. She gave me this lovely mug which is my new favorite. I love the red and purple!

Made Norwegian flatbread with Aunt Vi's recipe. The first few were a little thick...after!

Had dinner with Kathy and Jack at Suzette's. I had Chilean sea bass stuffed with crab and lobster.

My haul from the farmer's market. Not the cat...the cat was here when I left.

I went for a walk with Regis and Gus on the trails in Riverside Park. Beautiful fall morning.

I went to Canby and spent three days with Mom making lefse, working at the Hospice dinner, playing dominoes with her friends, and having a wonderful time.

I have been fascinated by light and how different it looks in photos than it does to my eyes. This has been edited with Pic Monkey. I think it looks like a scene from ET.

I canned tomatoes and salsa. Summer in a jar.

I went for a walk at the Arboretum at GAC, looking for signs. Two bright red leaves and a perfect, tiny pine cone.

We made a stuffed pork tenderloin with Ginger's homemade sour kraut and we wrapped it in bacon.

These are the ladies who worked at the Hospice dinner. That's my mom on the far left!


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