Monday, September 14, 2015

gathering stories

Here's a link to our blog 600 Words Project. It was an incredible experience.

Rock Bend was a hoot, as always. This year it was more about the story gathering than the music, but that's ok. I found one band I really liked and discovered they will be playing in Mankato in December. I ordered a CD by another band I really wanted to hear. My friend, Mary, told me their music made her cry. Got to love a band with that kind of power.

Rock Bend is also always about friends and food and family. We had plenty of each.

Elliot writes a story.

Tiffany, Emily, and Bob relax in the sunshine.

Alex and Mario

Tim and Shelly with DJ Lil Miss

Nana and Elliot

Peter and Zoey

Zoey with her kitty, Opi

Tiffany and Elliot

Last week was busy with subbing every day. This week will be better.

My goal for September is to do a blog post every day. We'll see how that goes.

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