Tuesday, September 15, 2015

forces in the universe

My doctor used to explain my insomnia by saying there are forces in the universe. I believe it. Regis slept poorly last night, I slept poorly, and my friend, Joanne, slept poorly. There you go. All the proof you need.

I have been awake since 5. I made myself useful though, and made two loaves of bread. We had an eggbake I made last night for breakfast. I did the dishes. Yay me.

I have a tiny yen to can tomatoes but I just looked up the directions and it looks messy. If I have the gumption to go out tomato seeking this afternoon, that will set the groundwork. I could do it tomorrow.

The EF is coming tomorrow to gather junk but I haven't had time to collect any. Not to say I couldn't do it quickly in the morning...if I am not canning tomatoes.

See ya later.

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