Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Yesterday after my volunteer job, I stopped and bought a bushel of tomatoes. I wasn't sure how much that would result in, but I figured if I am going to make a mess, I might as well do it right. Well, a bushel makes 8 quarts and 12 pints. That is a lot of tomatoes. On the menu this winter will be chili, spaghetti, and more chili and spaghetti.

I haven't canned much in more than 20 years. Not sure what got into me this summer.

Oh, I see the little © symbol on the bottom of my photos. It's not that I think I am in danger of someone stealing my tomato pictures for nefarious purposes but I follow some photo Facebook pages and people who take real pictures and publish them always use it so I was experimenting. Apparently, I used it once on Picasa and now it always puts it there. I keep forgetting to delete it. Ah, well.

I have another project. Last winter, I was introduced to homemade cosmetics. I love it! I just ordered a bunch of supplies and plan on making body butter, lip balm, bath salts, and anti-aging serum. My next phase is getting rid of chemicals in household cleaners.

Most days we get squat for mail. Today was a bonanza. I got a lovely thank you note from Vickie, a CD of the Heritage Blues Orchestra, a box of business cards for 600 Words, and three books. No wonder I run out of money by the middle of the month. I better work more.

I have about run out of gas for the day. In order to be vertical and able to put dinner on the table, I think I will retire to the boudoir and read for a while. I'm reading a book by Daniel Silva, an espionage thing that requires a bit too much attention for my taste. I can't keep track of all the aliases. 

I'll be back.

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