Friday, August 14, 2015

summer evenings

Regis drove the transit a lot this week which left Gus and me on our own. We spent much time outdoors as the evenings were beautiful, coolish, and pretty much bug-free. Our patio is so peaceful. I love to sit out there and visit with passers-by, watch the birds at the feeder, and see the sun go down. You can see Gus scanning the horizon for the transit. He misses the master.

In the grand scheme of things, I have gotten a few things done this week. I renewed my supply of cosmetics and made a new spray with my collection of essential oils. I read a couple books and learned a new word game. I made stuffed peppers on the grill. I had lunch and did some shopping with a friend. I finished my ten-week session with my very awesome trainer. (And I don't use the word awesome lightly.)

In my strength training world (which I do not for vanity but for osteoporisis and cancer), I got my report card on Thursday. I started leg presses with 50 pounds on each leg and went up 27.5 pounds. Those are big muscles, though, and the other results were not quite so impressive. I did improve in each exercise and I am feeling stronger. I told Gunner, I can squat way to the ground, take a picture of something, and stand right back up without support. Not bad for an old gal.

Tom Hynes, the new word game is called Alphabetty and it's by the same folks who brought you Candy Crush. I like the game but it only has 50 levels and then apparently you have to pay. Sad face. I can waste a lot time playing word games but I guess it could be worse. I downloaded Words with Friends, Mom, and will give that another go. I am not competitive, though, and if I start losing, I might quit.

I finished my applications to sub in two neighboring districts. It was an arduous process, believe me. I barely remembered enough to write a resume and barely cared enough to find the information. Ha.

That's Bob Dylan's (I Used to Care) but Things Have Changed. My official theme song. Some of my Facebook friends were doing a stress test this week and scoring between 50 and 85%. I got 15%. I am not living the perfect life but I am oblivious to a lot of things which helps.

Lot of water under the bridge.

Note: When I looked at my stats and reviewed my posts for August, I see I repeated myself a few times. Sigh. Sometimes I can't remember if I composed something in my head (I do this OFTEN!) and then wrote it down or if I only did the inside head composition. Ah, well. You know how to skip, right?

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