Monday, August 10, 2015

Mom: Guest Blogger #2

On June 14th, my mom wrote a story about the construction crews digging up her street. It was so popular that I asked her to write the ending to the story...well, almost the ending! The first part is here if you didn't read it.


Today I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  A young man knocked on my door yesterday and told me to move my car as they were going to do the curb and gutter and I would not be able to get out of my garage for a week or two.  The cement has to cure!!  He wanted me to park it several blocks away;  he would meet me and I could have a ride home in his truck.  I hurried to the post office to mail a package and meet Mr. Young Guy on Reno Ave.  As I parked and waited for him, I decided to leave my car in the garage,  i did not like the thought of leaving  my trusty little Malibu exposed to the elements and I did not think I could walk that far.  I have good friends whom I am sure would see that I had groceries  could get out once in awhile.  I told Mr. Young Guy I had changed my mind and would leave my car in the garage.  He looked a little puzzled, but said o.k.

I have watched this project since June 12th when they started digging up my street and laying water, sewer, and storm sewers.  I enjoyed watching the progress and the men with their machines, green shirts and hard hats; however getting around on bumpy and lumpy streets was not as much fun.  Some days when I would go to the store I would take a street and avenue to the highway. I would take the same route home only to be told I could not go there.  Go to another street; that street had a 3 foot drop off, so I would turn around to go on another street only to be told I could not go there either.

Finally a friendly truck driver walked a couple of blocks and came back and told me to go the way I had driven to the highway.  I had my walking sticks in the car and the truck driver told me to hit someone over the head with one to get their attention and someone would see to it that I got home.  I went to that street and a young man in a green shirt waved me on and after thinking my car was going to disappear  into a big hole I made it home.  I vowed I would stay home until this project was finished.

Today the Hannas and I sat on my patio and watched them do the curb and gutter.  It is amazing how quickly they get it done,  They will soon do my driveway and last of all they will put a layer of tar on the road.  I may have to call on the Hannas, Kockelmans,  Johnsons, and Lundquists to see that I get to the grocery store and church.  Church may be the most important as I might have used a few naughty words trying to get home.  I made it through the summer and am looking forward to driving on my new wonderful street.  And I may I  add, " Good job, boys!"  You did great.

Shirley Saum
Summer, 2015

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