Tuesday, August 18, 2015

a long day but a good one

Always wear boots to oncology appointments. It's my rule. The second picture is one I had Regis take during my diagnosis-treatment phase. He didn't want to take it as he said I was posing like a corpse but I added the crown for a little extra zip.

All is well so I will try to not over-dramatize the events. I do get some nasty anxiety leading up to the day. I remember I went into this situation three years ago all optimistic and shit. That didn't get me too far. Haha! They called me at 10:30 to tell me the mammogram was "negative normal" and it took me a couple seconds to translate that into regular English. Bloodwork was all within normal limits and exam revealed nothing of concern. I go back in November...trying to get this all on a six-month rotation.

I did a couple errands then went down to Tandem Bagels to meet Peter and April for coffee. I strolled down 2nd Street to look at some of the Art Walk. I think this is my favorite piece because you can sit on it....and I know what it is.

I realize it may make me seem sort of rube-ish but I am not fond of art that has to be interpreted for me. What the hell is this?

This I like. I know what it is.

I read the artist's statement because I wasn't sure about the next one but there is something appealing about it anyway. It's not so abstract that I didn't recognize the shape.

At the end of the long day, I went to my favorite grocery store to pick up some things. I was greeted by this lovely sign of autumn.

The grocery store was crazy busy but I ran into several old friends...Diann, Ann, & Jean. Stocked up on a few things for the week and weekend. We're having each kid and family for dinner one night before school starts. It's more fun to cook for them separately than collectively.

We're also having a Labor Day Pig-Out to honor the end of summer. It's a fun meal to plan and to prepare. One year we did a Jersey Shore theme. This year, the theme is pork.

More torrential rain today. I'm not leaving town but I am having coffee with a woman who was recently diagnosed with clear cell carcinoma. That's something that will make you feel more positive about whatever is wrong with you.

A local radio station that we have adopted as our own has adopted the Legendary Stardust Cowboy. His real name is Norman Odam. You can look him up in the google and find out all kinds of information about his show business career. He appeared on Laugh-In for one thing. He'll be 68 on September 5th and KMSU is calling for all fans to send him a birthday card. Here is his address if you are so moved. Include a SASE and he will most likely send you a promotional photo...or a grocery list. We have gotten both. It's one of those goofy things in life you just do because it's a hoot.

P.O. BOX 730742
SAN JOSE, CA 95173

Regis and I went to visit Mom this past weekend. Mom and I went to visit Irene who just turned 95. Such a sweet surprise to find my dear, old friend Linda there, too.

Make it a good day. Stay dry!

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