Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I meant to write more in July. Sigh. I don't know where the time goes. I was better in June when I wrote 8 times. But hiss. This is only my third post.

I haven't had much gumption this summer. Since I had shingles, it seems to me. Judy, my oncology nurse, says maybe my immune system is a little wonky. I love those medical terms. By all measures that they currently have, all is well but she says there is much we don't know. So, be lazy, she says. Sit on the patio and read, she says. I can do that, I say.

I did have a spurt of energy this morning. I tidied the house, did the dishes, took some stuff to the basement, and made a nice breakfast. We had a weird minor disaster yesterday. I came home from work to find half and half spilled all over the counter. It had been there long enough that things were stuck in it. I cleaned that all up and inquired of Regis when he came home if he knew how it happened. Nope, he said. This morning, I opened the cupboard door and there is half and half spilled all over the inside of the bottom shelf and all over the inside of the door. Clearly, aliens are coming into our house and making themselves at home.

I have an impending sense of doom about my upcoming medical appointments in August and September. I have a Zometa infusion on the 5th of August. I hate those. The first time, I had terrible side effects for about a week, terrible aches and pains but unable to sleep. The second time, nothing. I am hoping for the best this time. On the 17th, I have a mammogram, blood work, see the nurse, see the doc, and have a bone scan. Probably one or two other things I have forgotten, as I'm not good at cancer details. I just show up and they shuffle me around. In September, I have my annual physical. The treatment for breast cancer increases your chances of other cancers...I forget that is worrisome, too. Sigh.

I saw this cool bug one day in Mankato. It was flying around in the sun and looked like a tiny drone. It's called a dogbane beetle. It has some disgusting life habits which I will not share at this time. Pretty though, huh?

We're having our Christmas in July pontoon party this Sunday. We had been remiss in making plans so one day this week, I put out the call on Facebook, looking for a resort or private party who might rent to us. One of my friends, bless her heart, offered the use of their beach and pontoon for the day. So many good people in the world. We like to do this instead of buying lots of stuff at Christmas time. All day party in the sun, big picnic, lots of laughs. It's a hoot.

Yesterday at the Treaty Site, we had some visitors who taught me some things about the Dakota Conflict of 1862. I started thinking about how little I knew about this piece of Minnesota history. I bought a book and started reading it. Then I realized how little I knew about what happened right here in St. Peter. Regis and I drove out to the rock that commemorates the signing of the treaty. The mosquitoes were so bad you could barely stand still to read the signs. I took a few fast photos and we beat cheeks out of there with a plan to go back in the fall. Such a pretty place with such a tragic history.

Well, that's all for now. Happy Wednesday!

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